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Your comprehensive guide to Mail Chimp

Your comprehensive guide to Mail Chimp.

Email marketing is daunting for several reasons; you are putting yourself out there, direct to your followers and into their sacred email boxes.

However, the other reason, which I want to talk about today, is your comprehensive guide to mail chimp, how to set up, strategize &  send out your marketing campaigns.

The back end; the technical bit that many of us slightly dread.

I know when I first signed up with Mailchimp I had a good idea about exactly what I wanted to do with my emails. I had signed up to several blog subscriptions in the past and I knew that I wanted my newsletters to work the same way.

ie when someone signed up for my list I wanted a welcome email to go straight out to them.


In this video tutorial we cover the following:

  • Setting up your free account.
  • Adding a second user.
  • Setting up a list.
  • Importing subscribers to a list.
  • Integrating Mail Chimp with social media.

There are another 6 comprehensive video tutorials that complete this guide

Join the Side Hustle Start-up Evolution to access the rest of the Mail Chimp learning unit and learn all about:

Here is 6 comprehensive video tutorials listing that complete this guide

  • Creating sending reviewing campaigns (23mins).
  • Advanced Campaign Techniques (16 min).
  • Customizing Sign up Forms (13 min).
  • Working with Subscriber Lists. (15 min).
  • Engaging subscribers. (15 min).
  • Automation and Ads (8 min).



Now I warn you guys, this is a bit epic. I wanted to provide you with step by step instructions on exactly how you set this up, so I highly suggest an appropriate amount of caffeine and Join the Start-up Evolution Facebook group to view before you start!


Before we get into it, a brief note on Mail Chimp. Our comprehensive guide to mail chimp is about getting into the nitty gritty of setting up Emails, campaign and various integration as well as advanced combinations of tactics to your email campaign, so I’m not going to go in to too much detail on the comparative merits of email providers here. Suffice to say that if you are reading this then you are well aware of the incredible importance of your email list.

That being the case you know that you need something ultra reliable. This is something that Mail Chimp or Aweber can do you for. If you have been using free email newsletters with WordPress or using a Feed burner plugin not only is it likely your emails aren’t great works of art (entirely not your fault) but also you may be running into issues with SPAM and low delivery rates among other things.

If you Google around you will find many studies that indicate using a third-party mailing service will help increase your delivery rate for your emails. Plus, once they are there, Mail Chimp will let you create some really wonderful templates so that your emails look super pretty.

Of course, the main draw back is the cost. The more complex functions like AB testing will involve a monthly subscription.

However, the functions that I am about to show you today come within Mail Chimp’s free services, which remain free up to 2000 subscribers.

Update: Mail Chimp has recently announced that automation will now be included in it’s free plan. This is very exciting news at automation is a feature that many bloggers and small businesses rely on heavily. 

So, without further ado, let’s get you signed up.