Your Social Media Marketing Audit .

What Is a Social Media Marketing Audit?

Our Social Media Marketing Audit is the process of reviewing what’s working for you, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels.

Most people don’t look forward to audits. When’s the last time you were excited to get a letter from the IRD about issues with your tax return? However we identify the shortfalls live in our FB Group, all members offer their advice giving them kudos as well as giving you a solid strategy to improve your social media presence .

How does this work?

At 7pm we kick off the live Social Media Audit where your Facebook Page / Linkedin profile / Twitter profile etc… will be Audited live by the members of this group via Facebook live (we get your permission first)


Every Tuesday morning we post in our feed requests to do a free audit for those that ask.

People place their URL’s in the comments below and at 7pm the audits go live in front of various marketers, SEO experts, business strategist and more! You end up getting a thorough audit not just from the admin but various members too!

If your still not convinced, head to our FB Page for a full audit video to see what value you will be getting, remember each profile is different and we focus on the organic growth strategies only and not the paid advertising tactics.

More details in our Group.

In this Social Media Marketing Audit we cover the following:

  • Organic Lead strategies
  • Enhancing organic growth in your posts.
  • SEO Presence.
  • Strategic suggestions to enhance engagement.
  • Your Ideal algorithm mix.
  • Other network integration and more.

Each Audit lasts on average 30 min.

I’ll also throw in some free video guide to other various marketing / Social media & business hacks here.

Join the Side Hustle Start-up Evolution to get your social media audit and also learn all about:



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