Our Services

Our mission is to provide effective & affordable advice & guidance to small business owners.


Starting up can be exciting when done right. Our mentor has 8 years of assisting new business owners through this stressful period, smiling.

Business Planning

Every business needs to execute the right actions at the right moment. Every business needs a plan to effectively execute. Without one your reactive and fighting to survive.


Our mentor/coach can assist you to implement effective strategies to identify your audience, implement communication tactics and entice your clients to flow through an effective marketing sequence to convert to sales.

Social Media Marketing

Our mentor/coach can help you to implement the right organic/paid marketing tactics that enhances your brand & efforts.

Business Positioning

How do you want your ideal clients to perceive your business? Our mentor/coach can help you implement effective tactics so your ideal clients can identify your business according to your ideal perception.

Performance Analysis

Our mentor/coach can assist you to Identify business performance issues and implement numerous strategies to boost performance and out-puts.

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