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Your comprehensive guide to Facebook Ads

Your comprehensive guide to Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is an exceptional platform, but a lot of small businesses and brands find it to be intimidating. I don’t blame them. The first time I looked at Power Editor, I wondered what the heck I’d gotten myself into!

At first, the more research I did, the more I felt overwhelmed by the platform and I was compelled to create a guide to Facebook Ads. There were just so many options to choose from and so many experts proclaiming that their growth hack strategy was the one to use.

A few campaigns in, however, I was able to get the hang of it. Now, after managing over one hundred campaigns on Facebook Ads over the past two years, I’m ready to teach you.

Facebook Ads does have a lot of options, but once you’re familiar with the platform they don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

In this Facebook Ads guide we cover from the beginner to advanced levels in Facebook ads.


Video 1 of 5 : Guide to Facebook Ads.

In this guide to Facebook Ads video tutorial we cover the following:

  1. Facebook Ads #1 Introduction & terminology (17 min)
  • Intro to Facebook ads.
  • Understand different ad types.
  • How to target your ads on Facebook.
  • Basic add terminology.
  • How to set-up an advertising account.

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#2 The Audience and ads Campaign (19 min).

  • Facebook Advertising Structure.
  • Choose an ad campaign.
  • Identify your primary Audience.
  • Refine your audience with interest.
  • Refine your audience behavior.


#3 Your budget & placement (28 min).

  • Choose your budget.
  • Choose your ad creative.
  • Write your ad content.
  • Place your ad order.
  • Manage ad placements.

#4 Boosting, refining & analyzing ads (22 min).

  • How to get page likes.
  • How to boost page posts.
  • Managing existing ads and campaigns.
  • How to create advertising reports.
  • How to schedule advertising reports.

#5 Metrics, creativity & policy (16 min)

  • Understand your success metrics.
  • View your billing summary.
  • Tips for creating a great ad.
  • How to choose an effective image for your ad.
  • Key Facebook Policies.